Key West Cakes

When it comes to cakes, there are none better than Key West Cakes. Our job is to make your cake the perfect compliment to your Big Day–whatever it may be. From Weddings to Birthdays (and back to Weddings again), since 2001 it has been Key West Cakes' pleasure to make beautiful, delicious cakes and treats for some of the best weddings, parties, and events on the island.

Remember: Key West Cakes are more than just works of art, they taste as delicious as they look. Hand-crafted and baked on-location, we recommend stopping by and seeing for yourself magic being made. (We are open Monday through Saturday. And there is always something delightful to taste or take home.)

Let Key West Cakes be part of your next great affair. Join the loyal fans who at the end of the day happily share the secret of their event's most wonderful cake with pride, satisfaction and gratitude:

"Key West Cakes"

And now, on to the Cakes!